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English Kurzbeschreibung Texte Moshe Kahn Die Musiker


Moshe Kahn


Born in Germany in 1942; brought up in Zurich and Bern, Switzerland;

Oriental studies, philosophy, rabbinical theology in Italy and Israel; MA (1969), Ph.D. in Oriental studies (1973);

Assistant director at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Duesseldorf, Germany; assistant director for opera and drama, a.o. with Luchino Visconti, Giuseppe Patroni Griffi, Mauro Bolognini, Dimitris Rondiris in Rome and Athens (1966-1972)

University lecturer in Rome and Catania for Biblical Hebrew and German; towards the end of the 60s beginning of an activity as a translator: "Poesie" [selected poems] by Paul Celan (with M. Bagnasco, into Italian, 1976, A. Mondadori, Milan);

Together with Victor von Hagen he established an own film production company in New York and Rome (1973-1983) - documentaries on literary, archaeological and historical topics of the ancient world;

Since 1987 predominantly active as a translator of novels, essays, poetry and radio plays from Italian, English, and French, into German, including works by Andrea Camilleri, Luigi Malerba, Primo Levi, P.P. Pasolini, Roberto Calasso, Beppe Fenoglio; Dacia Maraini, Marcy Kahan, Israel Horovitz; Paul Steinberg, and Martin Page.

Moshe Kahn is considered to be one of the finest translators in German language. At present he lives in France (Alsace).

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