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Berni Rothauer    drums & bouzouki, Workshop 

Ever since his 13th year of age, Berni has taught himself to play the guitar. Since 1988 intense learning process about different percussion instruments and ethnic music (Western Africa, Cuba, Orient).

He has played in various groups, taught percussion, accompanied dance workshops, and participated in various CD productions.


Kakilambe: (CDs: "Ancestral Calling", special record, and "Tikititiki", special record); winner of the 1st Austrian Award for ....; he appeared at the Folkfestival in Hallein and the Folkfestival in Rudolstadt, and on Austria's TV Channel 1;

Negro & Blanco: Latin American Ballads from Cuba to Argentina (CDs: "Negro y Blanco" and "Canciones")

Josh & die Emotionen

Grupo Seibo: Latino from Bossa Nova to Bolero (CD: "Luna nueva")

Merakia: Greek music off the commercial roads (CD: "Meno Masi")

Nova Bossa: Brasilian "chamber music" of finest quality (CD: "Nova Bossa")

Salson: Salsa and Latin-Jazz (CD: "Explosion del momento")

Founder and director of the "Escola de Samba Arcoiris" (Samba School Salzburg); appearances at international festivals, etc.

For several years, Berni has participated in at the Salzburg Festival. In 1999 in "Jedermann"; and as a musician at the Salzburger Landestheater in a production of Bert Brecht's "Der Kaukasische Kreidekreis"

In 1999 he made a musical arrangement for the production of the Mask Theatre play "Und die Dunkelheit hat es nicht erfasst" by Artmas Valudskis (Lithuania) during the International Weeks of Music in Millstatt.

In the area of dance he has worked as a musician with Editta Braun (AUT), Adao Cesar de Lima (BRA) and Tina Woodley (NL).

Concerts with Guem (F), Mamady Keita (Guinea), Dudu Tucci (BRA) etc;

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